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I have been doing genealogical research into my Bullock roots for more than twenty years. My earliest Bullock ancestor, Benjamin Bullock, settled in the area around Clarenceville in the early 1800s.

The land in the region east of the Richelieu River and north of the border with the American colonies to the south included two seigneuries known as Caldwell Manor (the Seigneury of Foucault) and Christie Manor (the Seigneury of Noyan). I have a document showing that Benjamin, my ancestor, leased a plot of land from Napier Christie Burton, the Seigneur of Noyan, in 1819. A more complete explanation of the Seigneurial System can be found in the Related Information links.

The Database

Having done research for this extended period in the two Manors, I thought it would be a useful contribution to build a database of all the families who lived in the region in the 1800s. This database will serve as an aid to individuals doing genealogical research on families from this area. It will include individuals: who lived in the Manors; who were born, baptized, married or died in the Manors; who worshiped in the churches in the Manors.

The database is being built using the church registers for Clarenceville including the Episcopal, Church of England and Methodist churches, as the primary source of information to establish the main base of families. Church registers from nearby churches will be used to find data for individuals from the Manors who worshiped outside the Manors, e.g., St. Armand. Civil records will also be accessed, e.g., Alburgh Books of Town Records. Gaps in the information about individuals and families will be filled in using data from family trees found primarily on Ancestry. Eventually, data from the family trees will be verified from primary sources to improve the accuracy of the information.

The database will be a work in progress and will improve as more data is found, corrections are made and primary sources are added. Researchers using the data found in this database should check the sources indicated to determine the level of confidence which can be placed on the information being looked at.

Update: Records Added to The Database

  1. Caldwell & Christie Episcopal Church Records (1809 - 1851)
  2. Clarenceville Methodist Church Records (1845 - 1851)
  3. Sabrevois Episcopal Church Records (1848 - 1852)
  4. Alburgh Town Record Books (1 - 10)
  5. St. Armand Methodist Church Records in progress (1837 up to 1841)

Continued in column 2...

St. George Church in Clarenceville

St. George

St. George Episcopal Church
The earliest church in the Manors which played a big role in the lives of our ancestors.

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Access the article The Reverend Micajah Townsend: The Reverend Micajah Townsend was an important figure in the lives of families in the Manors from the early 1800s till he retired in the 1870s. He baptized, married and buried many as Rector of the Episcopalian Church.

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The Bullock Crest Shown On This Site

A coat of arms is granted to an individual and passed down the family line through a male heir. Without being able trace our Bullock ancestry back much further, it is really not possible to determine if our family has a family crest. The coat-of-arms shown on this site is that of Robert Bullock, sheriff for Berkshire and Oxfordshire. It was taken from a column titled Your Family Origin by Reg Willis, Heraldic Artist. Copyright © Reg Willis. The source is unknown.

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